Upcoming Releases

Planned for 4.0 (December 2014):
See Roadmap for full up-to-date details.

  • Major redesign to UI and user experience based on Usability Study.
  • Platform upgrades to Glassfish 4, Java SE7 and Java EE7.
  • Dataverses will now be able to contain other Dataverses, which will replace Subnetworks and Collections (Object model re-design to simplify container type objects)
  • Search improvements: wildcard search with * (asterisk), autocomplete, bookmarkable URLs, etc.
  • Expand metadata support:
    • Additional Domain-specific metadata blocks (social sciences (DDI-Codebook 2.5), biomedical (ISA-Tab/OBI), astrophysics (Virtual Observatory), etc);
    • additional general metadata schemas (ex. DataCite).
  • Dataverse Customizations:
    • Branding: streamlined to allow for logo/image in the banner along with custom text and links.
    • Embedding into a website: replace support for iframes with "widgets" to list or search Datasets and dataverses.
  • Initial integration with WorldMap/ GIS support / GeoRSS feeds.
  • New data visualization, subset and analysis tool, with updated interface to Zelig/R.
  • Initial Integration with Shibboleth for user authentication.

After 4.0:

  • Security enhancements:
    • secure login and uploads/downloads
    • strong password requirements
  • Allow for other authentication options
  • Integration with DASH or other institutional publication repositories (IR).
  • Secure storage (encrypted) to support high-risk confidential data.
  • Support multiple file storages: IRODS, secure storage.
  • Integration with ORCID (API).

For a full detailed roadmap, go to: http://roadmap.iq.harvard.edu/milestones/milestone-roadmap/dataverse/