Data Management

The Dataverse Network offers you a framework for Data Management. A number of funding agencies (e.g., NSF and NIH) currently require researchers to provide a data management plan when they submit a grant proposal. More and more journals ask authors to make the data associated with the publication accessible. Making data accessible through a personal web site is vulnerable and it's likely not to follow archival good practices. How do you provide a solution that gives researchers a place to deposit their data and give them credit and ownership, and at the same time satisfies the requirements set by funding agencies and journals accessible in perpetuity?

Dataverse gives you a solution:

Researchers and research groups can create a dataverse, upload their data, manage updates and relase new versions, grant access to others, and brand their dataverse as their web site (see Dataverse as a service).

Publishers and journals can either provide a dataverse for their authors, or install a Dataverse Network for all their publications data (see Dataverse Network as a software package for this option).

Institutions and organizations can choose to install a Dataverse Network and provide a repository for their researchers and data owners to deposit their data.