External Applications Interacting with the Dataverse Network

  1. dvn package on rOpenSciThe dvn package for R, developed by Thomas Leeper and part of the rOpenSci Project, integrates public data sharing into the reproducible research workflow. This package supports access to Dataverse's Data Deposit API, which users will be able to integrate data (and metadata) archiving directly into the R workflow with just a few simple functions. This package also provides access to Dataverse’s Data Sharing API, enabling access to archived data (and metadata), along with a number of functions to translate responses to API calls into R data structures using the XML package. Follow its development on GitHub.

  2. Open Journal Systems (OJS) Dataverse Plugin: Developed by the Public Knowledge Project (PKP), in partnership with the Dataverse Network, this plugin provides access to the Dataverse Network's Data Deposit API (SWORDv2-based) enabling Journal Managers using OJS to automatically deposit an article’s underlying research data and supplementary files into their Journal’s Dataverse. Follow its development on GitHub:

  3. Open Science Framework's Dataverse Add-On: The Center for Open Science's Open Science Framework (OSF) is an open source software project that facilitates open collaboration in science research across the lifespan of a scientific project. By enabling the Dataverse add-on for your OSF project, contributors view, download, and upload files to a Dataverse study, all from the project’s “Files” page. Once you’ve linked your OSF account to Dataverse, your collaborators can contribute to your Dataverse study even if they do not have their own Dataverse accounts. Whether you choose to upload files to your Dataverse study through your own website or the OSF, your data will be in sync. More detailed information on how to get started is available here: Feedback is welcome through the Github Issue Tracker.

  4. ResearchCompendia Dataverse Integration (coming soon): ResearchCompendia is a web service allowing people to share the research software and data associated with a scientific publication (articles and working papers). Similar to OSF's Dataverse Addon (see #3 above), integration with Dataverse will allow ResearchCompendia users to create or connect data and metadata from Dataverse via ResearchCompendia and link back to their Research Compendium from the associated Dataverse study. Follow its development on GitHub: Future ResearchCompendia plans will allow Dataverse users to run their code on ResearchCompendia.

We strongly encourage anyone interested in building tools to interoperate with the Dataverse Network to utilize our open source APIs:

If you have developed an application to interoperate with the Dataverse Network we would love to hear from you.