Joint Declaration of Data Citation Principles and Dataverse

As an open source application and research data repository, Dataverse is committed to helping researchers, journals, and organizations make scientific data accessible, reusable, and open (when possible), which includes implementing community accepted standards for data publication. Members of IQSS and its Data Science team, who work on Dataverse, have been actively part of the discussion to standardize data citation for nearly 20 years (King 1995, Altman & King 2007, Altman & Crosas 2014).

Major Dataverse Release Coming Soon (Goodbye 3.6.x; Hello 4.0!)

Thanks to the invaluable feedback received from several rounds of user testing1, this spring will mark a new chapter in the Dataverse Network Project with the unveiling of the much anticipated Dataverse version 4.0. We will be taking this opportunity to redesign our User Interface and rewrite our code2 from the ground up. Presented below is a high-level overview of what to expect when 4.0 ships. Please note that this information is subject to change.

DOIs - Coming to a Dataverse Near You

Up until v.3.5 of the Harvard Dataverse Network when a researcher created a study and deposited their research data into a Dataverse a persistent identifier would automatically be generated using the Handle system. This type of persistent identifier helps researchers quickly access a study’s datasets, and more importantly prevents loss of access to a study when a URL changes.

Screenshot of how the Handle is displayed in v.3.5 of the Harvard Dataverse Network study:

Upcoming changes for version 3.5 of Dataverse Network (Subnetworks)

In order to house disparate dataverse networks within one database we are going to implement the idea of “subnetworks” in version 3.5 of Dataverse Network. The main purpose for these subnetworks is to allow for separate home page branding, search and templates for each subnetwork. Here are some key points and mockups of what the subnetworks would look like. Please note that this information is subject to change.